Technology Beginning in Southern California

It was theĀ fall of 2009. I was visiting New York when it came to me. I am sure its been done before I thought, but not the way I had envisioned it.

I called up my buddy Gabe Strom. Gabe and I were just wrapping up our first Group Coaching Program all about Mastering Social Media. I told him My Idea for what was to become Free Blog Factory. Being the risk taker that I have become I took a stab it at on my own. I placed an ad on Craigslist and had 17 orders come in for free blogs my first day.

The idea was simple. Hostgator pays upto $125 for selling a hosting package and creating a WordPress site takes 15 minutes maximum manually. I hired a guy overseas, paid him a generous $8/blog and off he went. The idea worked. The next few months we built the dream Team and by March we were set to move to California with a full film crew and a reality show concept.

I won’t get into too many more details, but for me it was my launching pad. In July of 2010 we were featured in 2 major publications. Front Pages of both. We attracted several hundred calls and inquiries from local businesses and I had set them all aside to call when I started D4Y Brand Builder in the fall of 2010.