Technology Beginning in Southern California

It was the fall of 2009. I was visiting New York when it came to me. I am sure its been done before I thought, but not the way I had envisioned it.

I called up my buddy Gabe Strom. Gabe and I were just wrapping up our first Group Coaching Program all about Mastering Social Media. I told him My Idea for what was to become Free Blog Factory. Being the risk taker that I have become I took a stab it at on my own. I placed an ad on Craigslist and had 17 orders come in for free blogs my first day.

The idea was simple. Hostgator pays upto $125 for selling a hosting package and creating a WordPress site takes 15 minutes maximum manually. I hired a guy overseas, paid him a generous $8/blog and off he went. The idea worked. The next few months we built the dream Team and by March we were set to move to California with a full film crew and a reality show concept.

I won’t get into too many more details, but for me it was my launching pad. In July of 2010 we were featured in 2 major publications. Front Pages of both. We attracted several hundred calls and inquiries from local businesses and I had set them all aside to call when I started D4Y Brand Builder in the fall of 2010.

10 Reasons Working From Home Rocks

Working from home and running your own race sounds like the ultimate fantasy for many people trapped in the 9-5 employee grind.

Imagine firing your boss, avoiding office politics and escaping the rat race for good!

The reality is that some of us can and do make this dream come true.

One only has to look at the network marketing and home business arena to find a plethora of life-changing success stories from people working in their PJs.

But working from home is not for everyone.

To achieve true financial and time freedom, you must be motivated, focused and have a burning desire to succeed.

For those that are, the sky is the limit.

So if you are toying with the idea, or just need a gentle push in the right direction, here’s 10 reasons why working from home really rocks:

 Here are my Top 10 Reasons to Work From Home

1. No boss or annoying co-workers

Annoying BossNever taking orders from someone again, or being told when you can eat, when you can take a toilet break and when you can leave to go home, are just a few of the perks of working for yourself. Not to mention the fact your boss may have been an overbearing jerk. And you can say au revoir to the bitchy office politics and seriously irritating co-workers that dog the corridors of far too many corporations.

2. Nothing beats the location

Working from home really means working from anywhere.  Thanks to mobile technology, you can work from a home office, curl up on the couch with your laptop in your PJs, or head out to the local coffee shop or a beachside bench if the mood takes you.

Here is where I worked the Winter of 2013… Because I could

my costa rica office


That was my view every morning for a few months in my home in Costa Rica.

3. Set your own Schedule

When you work for yourself, you set the schedule and work the hours that suit you. You get to decide when and how many hours that entails. Being flexible is a huge bonus. If the sun is shining and you feel like having fun during the day, or a friend calls up for a coffee, you can opt to make up the hours at night. One thing is for sure, you will never be reprimanded for being late again. And if you feel like sleeping in, you are the boss!

4.  No more rush hour commute and traffic jams

traffic jam to workSay goodbye to the commuting nightmare of being stuck bumper to bumper in thick pea soup traffic during the peak hour drive to and from work.  You have more time as well as greater sanity when you work for yourself. Not to mention the money you save on fuel costs.

5. No dress code

Save money and time by not having to adorn yourself with the latest corporate attire and packing on the face paint every day. At home, you can wear whatever you like – if in fact you choose to get dressed at all.  You get to dictate your own dress code, whatever that may be.

6. You have unlimited income potential

While you don’t earn a basic salary when you start a home business, you do have an unlimited cap on how much you can earn. There really is no limit as long as you have belief in the business itself and even more importantly, belief in yourself. There are many ways to get rich online – and many ways to get overwhelmed. Do your research, find the perfect vehicle, and go for broke, allowing nothing to hold you back from financial freedom.

7. There are more tax benefits

There are far more tax benefits when working for yourself as opposed to working as an employee. Income tax rates and a slew of other benefits are shifted heavily in favour of the entrepreneur. Talk to your accountant.

8. Your Family Will See You More

Being in charge means more time to spend with and around your loved ones. You will never have to feel guilty again asking your boss for an afternoon off to see you child at their sports carnival or at a school presentation. Or even worse, dealing with the guilt you used to feel if you missed it entirely.

One Thing I love about my profession is the time I get with my Family!

arthur tubman family

9. Your Pets Will Love Your Company

It is a fact that animals pine for their human companions when left alone for extended periods of time. Your dogs and cats will be dancing around on all fours to have you in their lives virtually 24/7. And when you need a quick break from the computer, nothing beats a brisk walk whenever the urge arises.

10. It Just Makes Sense

Why would you not work for yourself and have more time freedom, more money and a better lifestyle? With the technology available today, working at home to build your own business is way more practical, way more fun and way more rewarding than working hard your entire life to make someone else rich. As they say, there is no place like home.

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