Quick shoutout from my business partner and I to express our sincere gratitude for the absolutely GAME-CHANGING knowledge that Arthur Tubman have shared with us in his Penny Click Profits Private Mastermind. I can honestly say, several months ago, my business partner Darin Blue and I had never really embraced social media as a growth strategy for our business. We always avoided it because we never had the type of crystal clear insight provided here to make the knowledge ACTIONABLE…

Having Consulted with Clients from all types of Businesses, Large and Small all over the world, I have learned that consulting is not a one size fits all situation. I have worked in over 100 different Niches and performed services that include Social Media Management, Social Growth Campaigns, Viral Video Work, Email Marketing Campaigns and Web Development.

I have now successfully grown Facebook pages to over 1 Million Page Likes, Have worked on Youtube videos that have amassed as much as 22Million Views (from just 1 video), created Multiple 6 Figure Product Launches and helped businesses 10X their growth.

A Consulting Relationship is a 2 way street and I would be happy to talk to you about your business needs.

Due to my demanding schedule, my consulting rates are $500/hr. If you have a clear intention and objective and want to hire me, start by Contacting me HERE.

I Look Forward to working with you!